Nightbot timers not working

In my last couple of streams I have had to manually type in the commands (which looks bad). The timers show no error and are set to work after 2 lines of chat ranging from 25-35 min cycles. I am at odds as to what is causing the issue or if maybe I set something up wrong.

If you wish to call a command when using a timer put the existing command name into the alias heading when editing a timer. You will also need a value in the message box, which can be anything like $(query)

can you elaborate on that? I am very new to this whole thing and just want to make sure I am doing it right.

for me the same problem :frowning: i put my commands into alias and nothing shows up :frowning: i ve used 2 lines and 15min…i dont know why its not working :frowning: when i tiping manually the commands…all fine

It is very simple to understand how timers function in Nightbot. If your timer is set to 2 lines, then within 5 minutes before the timer executes there must have been at least 2 lines of chat in your channel. If not, the timer is discarded and will try executing again at its next time. This prevents timers from being posted in empty chats.

I’m experiencing the same problem. tried everything, changed timers, enabled, disabled them. Deleted them, created new ones. But it still doesnt work. Can you please help me out? People are typing in chat btw, so I don’t think that can be the problem.

You have your timer set to execute an alias, “!ayo,” which does not exist. Either make an “!ayo” command or remove it as an alias on your timer.

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