Nightbot Timers being unreliable

So I have two timers for nightbot to post into my Twitch chat, the screenshot attached is for a link to my Discord. The Discord timer was my only timer originally and was working fine for awhile. However, some time after I added the 2nd timer with roughly the same settings, neither timer has been working properly.

I haven’t changed the Discord timer and the other timer uses similar settings of which enough chat messages are being posted to be met. Occassionally one will fire and post in chat but for some reason both are rarely firing, if at all. Any help on this would be appreciated.

Hey @MateriesCoil!

Sorry you’re having issues with timers, unfortunately I can’t reproduce it, have you tried lowering the Chat Lines amount to see if it helps?

Hi Emily, sorry for the late reply, the notification email went to my spam bin. It seems to have resolved itself after I updated OBS? Not sure how the two systems were linked there but its fixed now thank you.

As a aside, I had tried lowering the chat lines to the minimum as it didn’t have any effort. No tinkering with chat lines or timers worked, it was just incredibly inconsistent for whatever reason.

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