Nightbot Timer for Youtube

Set up the timer but live chat doesn’t seem to work from Nightbot to Youtube. Already added Nightbot to Moderator.

I have the same issue. 4 hours stream, more that 300 chat messages, everything settled right and not one time nightbot !

Definitely an issue, timer 5 min, 2 lines, cht are 55 lines in 20 min … no nightbot

Have try the same way too. Need to find a solution so the timer will start automatically

If your timers are set to 5 minutes, YouTube is probably blocking Nightbot’s messages. YouTube prevents similar messages from being sent. Try using a longer interval, like 15-30 minutes.

I had that in the stream. Timer on 15 min.
It doesn’t work.

Can u check pls, I connect it with streamtip yesterday.
The days before, nightbot was working in the chat of youtube. Maybe the connection with streamtip is the issue

Nightbot seems to be functioning in your channel, so I’m not sure what you mean. YouTube did recently increase the delays of inactive chats, making the polling times go from 10 seconds to in some cases 60 seconds. If your chat is inactive/slow, it could take Nightbot 2 minutes to respond due to polling limitations. In active chats, this shouldn’t pose an issue since YouTube reduces the polling delay.

Ok…but it’s strange. The day before it was working with the same settings. Now nightbot isn’t working anymore.

Nightbot is working but with timer setup, I’ve tried 15 mins and even longer but didnt show up on my chat.

If you have a timer set to 15 minutes, 5 lines, then at :00, :15, :30, :45 Nightbot tries to run your timer and checks the line requirement before executing the timer. If your channel hasn’t reached the line requirement it doesn’t run.

The line requirement is measured in 5 minute intervals. If you typed 5 lines at :04, and waited 10 minutes for the timer to execute (at :15) to test it out, it won’t work since the 5 minute interval passed.

We use short intervals to ensure that inactive channels do not have timers executing far after they become inactive.

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