Nightbot timer doesnt work

Alright so.
Apparently the nightbot doesnt want to send the timer messages
and this happens since i made me a streamlabs account…
has this to do with it something?..
I have everything normaly set in.
timer on 5 minutes
and 2 messages
but the bot never appears on the channel…
ECCEPT i do a command. then it answers.
but the timer messages never show up…
can someone please help me?
this is seriously frustrating me…

have tha same situation? Help PLZ

Yeah same but wasnt since connected stream labs just started about 3 days ago

If you’re using Nightbot for YouTube and experience this issue it is likely due to YouTube’s spam filtering. You would need to disable that and see if it fixes the problem.

we haven’t changed any settings and the timers just stopped working. now i have turned off all spam filters: no change, timers still don’t work

still no change. timers off for all streams.

It’s unfortunate, but since YouTube is blocking Nightbot’s messages from being sent then there’s nothing we can really do about it.

How can it be youtube’s fault, night. I have been using nightbot’s timers for the last year, 24/7 and youtube decides to block timers 5 days ago? No settings were changed, commands work just fine, timers don’t? How are they any different from each other, night. It’s still a message sent by the bot.

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i don’t want to sound mean but i moved all timers and commands to a locally hosted bot and youtube doesn’t block a thing. i couldn’t keep using nightbot because it literally harms my business if it doesn’t work correctly. if i could suggest something: there is many people who’d gladly pay a good amount of money for a bot that can do “much more” and is reliable at all times. me included. you’re in the unique position to make it a reality because there is probably 0 streamers on earth who haven’t heard about nightbot. just a thought. just to end on a positive note: never had an issue with nightbot spam filtering, remains one of the easiest and most reliable solutions out there.

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The timers are not working for both twtich and youtube for over a week now. I have tried all spam filtering switched off. No changes made to nightbot, twitch or youtube. Tried a full reinstall of nightbot. Got a fellow streamer to do the same. He is having the same issues

Your statement about timers not working on Twitch are false. The only users reporting issues all of the sudden are YouTube issues, and because it’s a YouTube spam filtering change there’s nothing we can fix at this time. We’re still working with YouTube on resolving this issue.

The Nightbot timers are back! At least I got mine working on YouTube this afternoon and I did not do any changes to my settings.

Thank you Nightbot team.


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