Nightbot Talks Back


I need help with a command! So i’m looking to set up a command for nightbot were he talks back with sassy comments to users who mention him in a sentence i.e.
“Oh nightbot is a loser!” So it may not be right at the very beginning of the sentence. But I want nightbot to be able to pull from a pastebin link I have set up with different phrases. And also looking to tag the user that has made the comment if possible. Below I have attempted this but it is not working.

When I put in the command on chat I do !addcom !nightbot then go into the back setting and take off the " ! " from the command but it only seems to work if Nightbot is mentioned at the start of the sentence.

Can someone please help amend this command? Thank you,

$ (touser), $(eval a="$(urlfetch json".split(";");a[Math.floor(Math.random()*a.length)])

Hey @lauramichellexx!

Nightbot only executes commands when the command name is the first word of the message, what you’re trying to do is not possible at the moment, sorry.

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