Nightbot Tag multiple people

Is there any way to make Nightbot tag multiple people? Like if I have a command !scenario, and 2 people in chat asks for the scenario, is there a way to do like !scenario @user1 @user2 and have Nightbot respond with “@user1 @user2 response”?

Currently the command I have is: !addcom !scenario @$(touser) bla bla bla. But this only works with 1 user at a time.

Use query

!addcom -cd=5 !scenario $(query) response
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Is there a way to make it so if a user does not tag anyone that Nightbot would tag the user that sent the command? And if a user tagged someone, it would be like what I mentioned above.


!addcom -cd=5 !scenario $(eval decodeURIComponent(`$(querystring)`)||`@$(user)`) response
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