I’m kinda new to this but I’m trying to make both boys work together with commands like nightbot adding points to a user or making SE bot command. Like so " using nightbot command !welcome" nightbot says !addpoints $(user) but the @ symbol mite be messing it up, or I’m just over doing it. Dumb thing it’s just I wanna make both bots work/talk to one another. Anyway sorry. But just wanting to know if it was possible doing this or just removing the "@"username symbol so it’s more like just typing the person name.

Hey @geeksgaming!

You can remove the at symbol (@) either by using the $(user) variable, or like so with $(query) when inside an $(eval): '$(query)'.replace('@', ''). Have a look at the documentation to learn more about the variables.

We won’t help further because while making bots talk to each other is possible, we don’t recommend you do it as it could lead to spam, therefore temporarily kicking the bots out of your chat.

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