Nightbot stops working for no reason

is there any explanation of why Nightbot stops working on Youtube Live chats for no reason? It was working until 30 min ago, and now it is not responding to any commands. and not showing the timer messages either.

As long as a chat is active Nightbot shouldn’t leave it. If your chat is slow or has large breaks of time between messages, and YouTube is reporting your stream as non-live (which happens sometimes due to bugs on their end) then Nightbot might leave temporarily.

We have set a timer from 30/30 min. We also have 5 or 6 chats running 24/7 but Nightbot suddenly disappears sometimes…then the owner of the channel has to log it off and then back in and Nightbot shows up again. I don’t know if it’s a bot bug or Youtube bug. The chats get slow sometimes but still, we have the 30/30 min timer and yet Nightbot goes off suddenly…

Timers don’t keep Nightbot alive in channels when YouTube reports a channel as offline, only chat activity from users will.

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