Nightbot Stopped Working

In Stream Nightbot wont Work ive done everything to fix it but it wont work Please help!


I’m currently having the same problem. I’ve tried everything recommended.

I’m having the same issue, both in my own channel and one that I am the admin for. If nightbot responds to commands it takes roughly 2-5 minutes to respond. Otherwise, it just doesn’t even respond

same, currently having the same problem.

Same here, looks like a problem with the bot itself, hopefully it gets fixed ASAP

yes, I was mid-stream using nightbot for the first time and was so excited for everyone to use my commands… and it just stopped working. Super upset, I’ve tried everything and all suggestions and it still is not working… super upsetting.

Really sad to hear that…Nightbot is The best Bot IMO but saddly you got here right when the bot is having toubles, but im sure it will be fixed soon, so, its waiting time I guess

Sorry about that. We’ve been performing system maintenance this evening and there was degraded service availability during some upgrades. At this moment system maintenance is complete and everything should be operating at full capacity again.