Nightbot Spamming Timers in my Name

Hello. I have been using Nightbot for about 5 years now and never had an issue. I had a timer set for nightbot to remind me to hydrate every 60 minutes; I have been using this timer for over a month with no issues. Today, the timer spams my chat every 30 seconds, and sends the message from my username, not under nightbot. I kicked nightbot from my channel (Part channel) and I revoked permissions via twitch settings and this still continued.

Photo 1 shows a snippet of the bot spamming the chat. This happened through the entirety of the stream

Photo 2 shows a mod using the commands I have set for nightbot. The post to my channel from both the bot and under my username.

I included an archive of my stream for a reference of what was experienced in chat.

If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

Hey @kawaiiskulls!

That’s a very odd behavior, I don’t believe Nightbot usually has access to your account and can’t post in your name, but I can be wrong, it seems to me a lot of updates were pushed recently, so that might be the cause of it.
Are you sure you don’t use a standalone bot, which could have access to your account, something like Streamlabs for example, and which has a timer as well?

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Yes actually! I resolved the issue. Thank you for getting back to me!

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