Nightbot spam link filter

Hi all, completely new to Nightbot, so PLEASE forgive me if this has been asked.
So Nightbot has a spam link ability, and the ability to allow links for 60 seconds, No problem there.
Just how does nightbot recognise links?
The reason why I ask is when links are disabled anything http or https are blocked fine,
But in chat if someone forgets a space in a sentence after a full stop it gets turned into a link.
So for example I forgot my.fullstop the my.fullstop gets turned into a link.

Any thoughts on how to overcome this? I really don’t want to block valid messages because of a missing space, but also don’t really want people catching onto this.
The ideal would be nightbot blocking links as it is now, but an additional regex filter adding a space after a .

Is that even possible?

Thanks in advance,

Hey @telsum!

If you had a regex adding a ⁣ (space) after a . (dot), Nightbot wouldn’t be able to detect links anymore and the spam link filter wouldn’t work anymore. Any words followed by a . (dot) and 8 characters will be turned into a link by Twitch’s chat, and that’s what Nightbot catches.

In my opinion, the best solution would be for Nightbot to read the links, cut the part after the . (dot) and check in the TLD database if it’s a valid domain, in which case block the link, and in the case the TLD doesn’t exist allow the “link” to be sent. Then most valid messages turned into links wouldn’t be blocked. But this would require to manage a database of every TLD, and new ones are added very frequently, it’d become a nightmare to manage, unless you could pull the list of every TLDs up to date from an API managed by someone else other than the devs since they already have a lot of work.

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