Nightbot songs + OBS

I wanted to use the new App in combination with OBS.
I followed a youtube tutorial for this wich tells me there should be a .txt file in the nightbot folder that shows up in Documents except its not showing in my folder. I uninstalled the app and downloaded it again but that didnt change a thing. There is just no text file called “currentsong.txt” in there (txt files what so ever).

Under the video I saw that 2 other ppl had the same problem but they didnt awser anymore. any Idea what i did wrong or how to fix it?

This file should be created with a song begins playing and change on every song change. Try running the Nightbot App, as an administrator and playing a song in AutoDJ.

ow I feel so stupid now :sweat:

I did as you said and it still doesn’t appear I ran it as an administrator and I made a new request while also playing that song and the folder still didn’t show up.

Make sure you’re checking in the right place. It’s the Nightbot folder in your main Documents folder.

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