Nightbot slow to respond

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Not sure if other channels also have the same issue or that we did something wrong in our channel, but…
For some reason Nightbot has been really slow compared to like a week ago or so, maybe it’s Youtube,
maybe it’s us, maybe it’s nightbot who knows.

So the issue is that Nightbot responds quite slow most of the time.
He can take like 10+ seconds to respond on a command or to someone that used a blacklisted word.
And also for example person A uses a command and person B uses the same or another command
a few seconds later, before Nightbot gave an output to person A’s command, Nightbot will eventually
give an output to both commands pretty much at the same time.
So technically if someone timed his command perfect, he wouldn’t have to wait long for an output.

I hope that my story was a bit clear: From time to time (90% of the time) Nightbot reacts really slow
to commands or to anything that requires an output of him.

Nightbot is also connected to our Discord server and on our Discord he outputs commands really fast
within a second pretty much.
Compared to the 8-12 seconds on Youtube
Because of that he sometimes either doesn’t register all the commands or can’t output them, but he doesn’t
output all the commands. (If lets say 4 people would do a command within a second or 2, he wouldn’t output
everyone else’s command)

Due to how YouTube’s Chat System Nightbot will only receive user messages the more active the chat is. This is a limitation that can’t really be improved upon.

I don’t think I understand what you just wrote Aaron.
This issue pretty much began after Nightbot had some issues talking in some channels after a while.
Nightdev fixed the issue, but a day or so after that Nightbot became noticeably slower, while the activity
of the chat pretty much remained the same.
The chat did become a bit more active, but not that much more that would explain the radical decrease
in response time from Nightbot from time to time.

Edit: Talking about an average of 2k viewers
Who knows how many are saying something at the same time.

both radical decrease in response time AND missing commands.
often if the same command is used again before Nightbot responds to the first instance, one of them will be negated.

previously nightbot would only do this if the same command was issued within milliseconds of the first instance. now we are finding it can happen even if they second command doesnt come again until 5-10 seconds after (while still waiting for nightbot to respond to the first)

The slowness is a result of growth of chat Nightbot is in on YouTube. Please refer to the graph posted to Nightbot isn't saying anything in my live stream

I haven’t narrowed down why this is happening yet due to my busy schedule, but it will be addressed when I have time.

Thank you night, as long as people know that there is an issue and that it’s not just our imagination LOL!
But the day after I created this topic, Nightbot has been so much more responsive. So things are good at the moment! :+1:

Next time we’ll just endure the slow responsiveness, knowing that after a while things will become better

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