Nightbot Shoutout command not properly displaying game user last played.

Hey I was hoping someone would be able to help me trying to figure out how to set up a shoutout command for my stream with nightbot. I’ve been trying to set it up so Nightbot shoutouts the user, their url, and the game they are playing, but I can’t seem to get the game script to work? Anybody can offer assistance?

This is my code: !addcom !shoutout2 Hey you there! Go support a supporter of this chat, and check out $(touser), last streaming $(twitch game $(touser)) ! Drop them a follow at$(touser)

(Named shoutout2 just for testing reasons)

And the image is the output I’m getting:

It’s able to output the game of my own channel but not the game of other channels. Would appreciate any assistance <3

This issue should now be resolved.

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