Nightbot Setwins command

I Mod for a couple who stream together i have the normal setwins command setup with !setwins -a=!editcom !wins CoupleKills has $(eval q=decodeURIComponent($(querystring)).split(,).map(a=>parseInt(a.trim())+ kills);q[0]?${q.length} wins (${q.join(, )}):0 wins)

But what i would like to set up is one where it allows to edit both their names so it would show as they have EX: won 1 game (streamer1) 12kills (streamer2) 8 kills, since they are both on the same stream, is this a possibility?

That wouldn’t be possible without making a separate command called !setstreamers which sets the streamers to a static reset count, like 0.

how would something like that be written?

!setstreamers -a=!editcom !wins $(1) has 0 wins and $(2) has 0 wins

So I have to use that command !setstreamers or is there a way to plug that into my !setwins command which is !setwins -a=!editcom !wins CoupleKills has $(eval q=decodeURIComponent( $(querystring) ).split( , ).map(a=>parseInt(a.trim())+ kills );q[0]? ${q.length} wins (${q.join( , )}) : 0 wins ) ? Thank you for your assistance

It could be done, but it is probably in your best interest to use separate commands for simplicity.

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