Nightbot setup (basic commands)

i would like to set up nightbot what are some basic commands i should set up for a new channel. any tips and advice on how to do this would be greatly appreciated thanks guys.

Hey @charlizesen1!

It really depends of your needs, but regarding commands that almost everyone has, you have:
• an uptime command, giving people the amount of time you’ve been live:

!addcom !uptime $(twitch $(channel) "{{displayName}} has been live for {{uptimeLength}}")

• a followage command, giving people the amount of time they’ve been following you:

!addcom !followage $(urlfetch$(touser)&channel=$(channel)&format=mwdhms)

• and a shoutout command, to promote your friends’ channels, recommended to be mod-only:

!addcom !so -ul=mod $(twitch $(touser) "Give {{displayName}} a follow! {{url}} They played {{game}}.")

To add these commands, simply copy/paste what I wrote in your chat.

Feel free to explore other channels’ commands, so you can see for yourself if there are more commands you’d like to add to your channel.

If you want to create another custom command, the documentation could be of great help!

Hope this helps you getting started!

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