Nightbot returns an API error when I use the command !poll new

Hi guys,

I have :

  • Enable the command !poll
  • Read the documentation
  • Tried to write the given command from the documentation :
    !poll new Should I bake a pizza? | yes | no | maybe

The answer I have from nightbot for several days is :
2023-04-26 09_18_59-tsukiyo_cosplay - Twitch - Vivaldi

What should I do ?

Thanks in advance

Hey @Tsukiiyo!

I’m sorry, StrawPoll was shut down, therefore this command isn’t working anymore.
The dev is considering removing it instead of fixing it given the low amount of people who used it: in the 8 months it has been shut down, you’re only the 8th person to ask about it.

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Oh okay, I’ve learned I should waiting to be affilate to get the poll option on my stream.

Anyway, many thanks for the quick reply ! I know then I shouldn’t wait a lot from this bot :slight_smile:

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