Nightbot responding in chat, but songs dont appear in AutoDJ until I refresh it. (Both in app and browser)

Users request a song, nightbot responds to them in the chat, but then the song never appears within the AutoDJ section until I stop my speedrun, ALT+Tab to Nightbot, leave the AutoDJ section and go back. If I don’t do this and Nightbot finishes the songs it knows about, it simply erases the missing songs. My mods can see the songs in the !songslist command. I just lost an entire stream to this issue because I spent 70% of the stream trying to fix Nightbot to no avail instead of doing speedruns. Had to re-arrange my stream to tomorrow instead.

MANY other people seem to also be having this issue at the moment. Can we PLEASE have a fix for it SOON? Because currently its completely un-useable and I’m having to look into alternatives.

I am having the exact same issue with both the App and Browser. Very frustrating

This can happen if your browser is not able to establish a socket connection to our server. We did notice that our CDN provider has been timing out connections after 60 seconds, and we’ve added a keepalive to keep those connections open. It’s possible some mutations were being sent during a disconnect, so perhaps this change may help with that.