Nightbot reading his command wrong

Hey guys, so we have a command that when someone says “Hi Nightbot” he replies… BUT today when anyone says only “hi” he replies “​[Error Connecting To WebEval Service]” I took a screenshot… any idea why is that? Could it be YouTube bug or maybe an Nightbot error? bot

If I was to guess, Nightbot is replying to another command above the screenshot. I think this because commands have internal cooldowns so there would only be one response to the hi command.

The problem is that Nightbot wasn’t supposed to reply to the “Hi”. The command was supposed to work only when it’s “Hi Nightbot”. But now, when someone writes “hi” he replies with that error when he wasn’t supposed to be replying at all…

If this is the command you added, then you must have changed the " " in that command’s message to "". Try editing the hi command to restore it:

!commands edit hi $(eval /^@*nightbot/i.test(decodeURIComponent("$(querystring)")) ? `Hi ${decodeURIComponent("$(querystring $(user))")} hope you’re having a good time!` : " ")
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Yes, that’s the one. I’ve copied it and pasted what you wrote actually but I will edit just in case.
Thank you again!

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