Nightbot randomly appeared one time, and I cant get it to leave

Nightbot is in my viewer list and he simply won’t leave. I think it might have happen when I installed, but not sure. I signed up on Nightbot website, just so I could “Part Channel”, but I had to make him join before I could even “Part Channel”, yet he is still there. I tried all the leave commands, but no luck. It’s starting to annoy me. He wont respond to any other commands either. Can someone manually make him leave?

If you have clicked part channel on the dashboard and Nightbot doesn’t respond to commands, it’s not in your channel. It might take some time for it to disappear as it stays in the viewer list until the bot is restarted.

The bot has been there for more than a week though, how long would it take?. It came to the channel even without me asking it to join, it just joined randomly.

Still there, at least 2 weeks now.

Well since its not leaving, im going to use him instead. Thanks.

It cannot join without having been joined by you, the broadcaster. It isn’t “randomly” joining at all.

If it’s not responding to commands then it isn’t in the channel. Nightbot runs multiple processes, and the Twitch process which makes it appear in the user list can get into a bugged state for some channels. It eventually fixes itself when the process restarts periodically.

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