NightBot + Promoting Streamers Command

Hey everyone! I did a search for this but couldn’t seem to find it. I’m looking to see if it is possible within NightBot to create custom command where you can go !streamer [name] and then when you or your mods use it and fill in the streamer name where [name] is, it comes up with follow or “they’re an awesome streamer, check them out” etc and their link.

I’ve seen numerous channels with these and want to set it up because, I always like to promote those who end up hosting me. I’ve checked on Google too, but I’m not sure if this is something people create with a custom paid for bot.

Any advice is fine, I’m happy to try and work it out with my minimal coding knowledge, but kinda stuck right now as to whether I can even achieve this!

Hey Emzolv,

Couldn’t you just make a command like

!adcom !USERNAME Check out USERNAME, they're a wicked streamer - TWITCHURL

Vaughn Whiskey

Thanks for coming back to me :smile:
I’ve tried that before - back when i was using Moobot. I’ve just moved to Nightbot, but I’m truggling to make the text autopopulate in the custom message. So I can get as far as making the command appear but then I always get stuck with “Check out USERNAME…” instead of “Check out blahdeblah”

How does that manage to autopopulate, or am I simply being a noob with setting it up?

WAIT wait I’ve managed it :smiley: :smiley:

I managed it with the following:

!addcom !streamer Check out $(touser) they are really awesome :D hit up their stream here:$(touser)

Obviously you can change the text, but I got it to work just now in my chat! Thank you soooo much for your help! <3

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If you want to auto fill the name you could do it like this

!addcom -ul=mod !CheckOut Check out $(touser) at$(touser)

looks like this

CURSE YOU! ahahaha yea! about to post this. Make it MOD only tho!


Absolutely, thank you SO much for your help - sorry I worked it out myself in the end haha! :smiley: hopefully this thread will help someone else if they’re looking, as couldn’t quite find a thread on the search :slight_smile:

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