Nightbot Problem on YT

i have a problem with nightbot not saying anything on livestream

THX in advance

Make sure Nightbot is joined to your chat at and that your live stream is live, set to public (not unlisted nor private), and that Nightbot is a moderator in your chat.

Hi again. Already did that !
Before some time was working just fine.


Once your stream goes live it can take up to 5 minutes for it to show up in chat. You can always check the logs at to check if the bot is reading chat.

Thats the real bad for us is: he is reading everithing but he is not showing himself on live chat


If you are not seeing Nightbot’s responses in chat that’s usually indicative of a potential few issues:

  1. Nightbot is not a moderator in chat
  2. Nightbot is banned from chat
  3. You are viewing “Top Chat” not “Live Chat”

Now are all perfect
Thx !

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