Nightbot on Discord Giving Odd Error Message

I’m an admin on a discord that uses the Nightbot App and we have a command called “!rizz” that gives a random % answer. It works for everyone but me for some reason. The other admins and owner have no problem.

We’ve tried removing and re-adding Nightbot. Ive tried having roles removed, leaving and rejoining the server. Nothing works. I’ve attached a screenshot showing what the error is. I’ve tried googling this but everything I find seems to be about Nightbot on Twitch.

Any idea what the problem is?

The command is custom and is likely trying to send a server command as a response only when you use it. The broadcaster would need to edit the command on the website to see what it’s doing.

yeah, in my experience that usually means it gives a / as the first character… maybe they have it set to type an emote before your name or something…