Nightbot on 2 Server?


I have a question. Can I use one nightbot on two servers, or do I need one account per nightbot?

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Hey @smasher_online!

I believe a Nightbot account can only be linked to one Discord server, so you’d need two accounts if you want to use Nightbot in two servers. Here’s a guide if you’re looking for a way to Export your Nightbot commands to save them on your computer!, you can then use the Nightbot API to import your freshly exported commands to your other instance of Nightbot.

Please note that Nightbot isn’t primarily made for Discord, Discord support is a side-car, if you’re only looking for a Discord bot, you’ll be better off with a bot specifically made for the platform.

Thank you for the answer, here is the solution.

It is possible to run nightbot on two servers with one account without any problems. This has great advantages, as you don’t have to set everything up twice, e.g. if projects are connected.

The disadvantage is that you can’t modify it separately, which I don’t need.

The nightbot is not made for Discord, that is correct, but it works wonderfully for me. Since I also have a Twitch account, I will also use it for Discord.

Thanks again for the support.

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Oh, thanks for letting me know that it works on two servers with the same account, I appreciate it.

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