Nightbot not working

Hi I just started using nightbot and I’ve set everything up on my mixer channel (JupiterFN) and whenever I try to use it to test it out it would not respond to commands. I tried disconnecting it and reconnecting it back but did not work and I’ve also made it a moderator. I have know idea what to do now. Please come help me, it’ll be really appreciated. My email is please contact me here. (Https://

Can confirm that night bot is not “in” chat to run commands or anything.

How would I put him “in” chat to run commands because when I signed up it told me nightbot was joining and it said to put /mod nightbot which I did on the chat on the right.

Its cloud based. So i guess its not technically “in” chat. That’s all. Regardless its not working for anyone on Mixer right now

Oh okay, thank you anyways.

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Apologies for the troubles. It looks like our authentication token expired with Mixer, but their endpoint was returning us a valid response with missing data instead of a proper HTTP 401 error (so we didn’t detect the expiration properly). This should now be fixed.

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Thank you very much for fixing the issue.

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