Nightbot not working!

its not logging chat messages, not responding to messages etc.


Did you double check on all these:

Nightbot isn’t banned.
Nightbot isn’t ignored/blocked.
Nightbot is joined to your channel: Click “Join Channel”
Nightbot is modded.
You have the default commands at enabled.

Furthermore, if you’re using Nightbot on YouTube, you must be live with your stream set to public in order to use commands in chat, and make sure you are viewing “Live Chat” instead of “Top Chat” so that you may see Nightbot’s responses to your commands.

Once you have all these checked off, you should verify that Nightbot is indeed joined to your channel by checking your chat logs.

oh okay. thank you very much. im streaming on youtube and i didnt have the live chat opend but the top chat. though it still said that itss not logging chat messages?

If Nightbot isn’t logging chat messages, it’s not joined to your channel. Check the above criteria again to make sure the bot is joined.

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