Nightbot not working on trovo

Hello, for several days nightbot hasn’t responded on my trovo channel (nor on another where I manage it), the bot works (reads the chat or deletes commands if I write “commands del !commandname”) but it is not responding in the chat absolutely nothing, I saw in other posts that the bot must be reactivated every 30 days due to an API expiration with trovo but the 30 days have not passed. I hope it can be fixed

Hey @Zeridox!

It should be working, so it’s a bit odd, try going to the dashboard, log out, and log back in.

It still doesn’t work, I’ve already logged out and back in and rejoined the bot to the channel


So, I’ve got news from Nightdev, and the issue isn’t on Nightbot’s side, but Trovo’s: try logging out of Trovo and log back in. If the issue persists, then log out of Nightbot’s dashboard and log back in again.

yeah, Yesterday it was working at night but today it stopped working, I already logged in again but no results

When you say you logged in again, which service are you talking about?

Both, Trovo and Nightbot dashboard

I think it’s a global problem, if it doesn’t work on at least one channel, it won’t work on any.

In the order I’ve specified? Trovo first, then Nightbot?
If so, contact Trovo about it, because the issue is with them.

Yes, I will, thanks for the help

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No problem, sorry we couldn’t solve the issue, but Trovo has been a pain in regards to auth tokens, good luck, hopefully this can be fixed quickly.

I have seen that, I hope it will be fixed soon too

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