Nightbot not working on commands?

Hi so my Nightbot for some reason doesn’t work on all my commands and randomly works only on some. I’ve tried deleting the commands of those it doesn’t work for and remaking them but the issue still persist and also parting Nightbot from my channel then having it rejoin and also unmodding then remodding it but none of that fixed my issue.

Hey @actuallyshiny!

There were some network issues as of late, is your issue solved?
If not I suggest logging out of your dashboard, the logging back in.
If none of that fixes your issue, please provide more details, such as your streaming platform, and specifically what you’re trying to do, such as the commands you send and the responses you get.

I’m having the exact same issue and none of the suggested solutions worked. Can you please help me?
I’m trying to change my game title, category and tags in Twitch and the commands aren’t responsive. I get an error message in return

Hey @ayeyomini!

Read and do what the error message is telling you to do: re-log in the Nightbot dashboard. Meaning if when you go to your dashboard you’re still logged in, log out first (the option is under your picture in the top right corner), then log back in. This is the channel owner that needs to do this, not a moderator.

i help to let my you tube to find while or how drop they link with nightbot

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