Nightbot not syncing roles

So recently I was having troubles with getting Nightbot to integrate with the Discord server I was hoping to add it in. Now I can’t even add/edit/delete commands in the chat, I can only use the commands that I’ve created through the website. I have had the streamer ban, unban, and re-mod the bot. I have parted and made the bot join back again tons of times, I’ve done /unignore Nightbot. Is there anything else I can try to get it to work? :(( The streamer hasn’t changed their name recently and neither have I, I’m added as a regular, I’ve done everything I can think of

a few things that may have been overlooked…

  1. has the "!commands" command been disabled in the dashboard?
  2. r u using "/commands add" -or- "!commands add" -or- "!addcom"?
    (only one that works for me in datcord is !addcom)

on a personal note: i don’t really understand the desire to make/change commands in the chat, is so much easier to edit a command in the dashboard if it needs a little tweak

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