Nightbot not replying to commands from other bots

So, chaotic as it may sound, I enjoy having the bots in my stream, like Nightbot and StreamElements, “talk” to each other. I use functions from both bots to automate dynamic things in chat. For example, a user might make an emote pyramid, which SE recognizes by saying something in chat, and that triggers NB to analyze what SE said and reply with an SE command, which causes SE to award the user who made the emote pyramid an amount of SE’s “loyalty” currency. I have many things in my stream like this, that are a kind of delicate dance between two or more bots. Last time I streamed however, I noticed that Nightbot was no longer responded to StreamElements when it said something that should have activated Nightbot. Has anything changed, or is something not working at the moment? I noticed problems giving shoutouts too because Nightbot would return an API error, but that one seems to have been fixed by now.

Yes, something happened.
I found nightbot didn’t respond to anything a couple of days ago, but I went into the twitch creator dashboard, changed the Automod Ruleset up one level, save it and then set it back to normal and saved it.
For whatever reason Nightbot then woke up.
As for the !so and associated other things, see here.

Hey @jpegnight!

Your issues should be fixed now:

Please keep in mind that we don’t recommend having bots respond to each others because it can result in an infinite loop, and bots have a message amount limit as well (like users), if they go over it because they’re looping, Twitch times them out from their server for a bit, which disrupts other users’ service and can cause a hassle for the bot devs to fix. You don’t want to be the one who ruins the fun for everyone else. It’s possible that anytime in the future bots may stop answering to each other because the devs implemented hard limits in the code to ignore known bots to prevent these issues.

Hi, thanks for your reply! I wanted to clarify that I don’t put the bots into infinite loops with each other, it’s just a little system I’ve rigged up to automate things I would otherwise have to do manually. I do hope it continues working, because having that cross-talk enabled me to make some creative interactions in the chat. I use it for awarding points, for creating/modifying user-specific commands on the fly, and a few other little things that make my stream unique. I’ll keep in mind that message limit, because of course I want to Nightbot continue working, but making it so that it ignores other bots’ messages would kill a lot of the charm for me!

Yeah, I understood that you were reasonable with it, it was mostly aimed at people thinking about doing something similar in the future so they are mindful not to abuse the bots when they set it up.

I see. Well, I’ll remember to keep it tame, haha. Anyway, I just tried this again in my own chat box, and Nightbot is still not responding to commands coming from StreamElements, specifically. Will this functionality be restored at some point?

I’m not aware if it’s been removed, I’d assume not. Probably a temporary issue, or the other bot is responding too fast.

I’ve been informed that Nightbot now ignores other bots.

I’ve noticed that it continued not working. It was responding to some bots (like Sound Alerts or Sery_Bot), but not StreamElements. Is this going to include all bots? It’s unfortunate news for me, since it takes away the potential for making interesting and powerful features in my channel, but I guess I can do without, or maybe one day make my own bot.

I’m not aware of the details, some bots might still work for now because they’re not big enough or the risks of having infinite loops is near zero, but the list can be updated to contain them at any time.

The dev noted that changes were made to follow Twitch’s guideline and API changes, some may be for other reasons as well, for example, in our case here: a few bad actors were using that “feature” to spam chats, as I mentioned above this was a concern for a long time.

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I had the same issue. It took me like a week of experimenting until i figured out Streamlabs can do the job. Im still not sure why Nightbot just suddenly stopped responding to Streamelements, but i found a solution so it doesn’t really matter as long as it doesn’t stop working with Streamlabs aswell…

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