Nightbot not properly using variables

Hello, so basically I’m trying to add a command that would return level in various skills from a game called runescape and nightbot is not properly using the $(1) the problem appears to be that nightbot only evaluates the first three layers of variables. $(eval var a="$(urlfetch json LINK/player=$(eval var z="$(1)";function addSpace(z) {var Done=z.replace("_"," “);return Done};var y=addSpace(z);y))”;var b="$(1)";var c="$(2)";var d="$(3)";var e="$(4)";var f="$(5)";var g="$(query)";$(urlfetch json LINK)) is the command and the first $(1) is returning a 1 to the eval in the urlfetch. Essentially $(eval $(urlfetch $(eval $(1)))) so my question is is there any way to get around this and make the $(1) be able to function properly?

Yes, over 2 levels of Nightbot variable nesting is not allowed. I’d split the command into 2 other commands with one aliased to the other.

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Thank you for the suggestion but I found another way around the issue it turns out the site doesn’t just check for spaces but also multiple other characters allowing me to be able to get the desired effect.

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