Nightbot not logging in through twitch

everytime I get stuck in the authorize application then it gives me an gateway timeout from the host

The Nightbot API is currently down according to their Discord server. The bot doesn’t work currently on a livestream that I’m a mod on either.

EDIT: It says it’s back up now, my bad.

EDIT 2: It’s actually not back! They’re investigating this, hop on their Discord for updates

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What’s the invite for the Discord server?

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^^ disc server link?

Yes would like that link for the future! :stuck_out_tongue: Nightbot is working again btw - at least where I am

We had some networking issues from 11AM PST to 2PM PST which resulted in service degradation for Nightbot.

I cant start Nightbot, well of course I can but when I do this and go live, Nightbot just say ok im joining but then he doesn´t come into my stream.I need help please write an answer :slight_smile:

the nightbot commands arent working in my twitch chat

When I press sign up it says error 502 Bad Gateway. It says api.nightbot.
tv is an error. Can anyone help me fix this?

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I’ve been having the same issues, previously it was 504 error and I got thru to the authorize (im just trying to sign up) now when I hit authorize I’m getting hit with a error 502

hope we get some help

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Same problem here :frowning:

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Try waiting a few hours. I went back a few hours later and it worked so I think this is more of a temporary issue. Hope they find a fix so more people won’t have to deal with this.

The network Nightbot is operating on had issues, hopefully all the error you noticed are now gone, let us now if it’s not the case.