Nightbot not Importing SoundCloud Playlists


For at least a few days/weeks now, Nightbot is refusing to import my SoundCloud playlist:

I can enter the URL by pressing the “Import” button as usual and the pop-up saying it can take a few minutes pops up like usual, but then the playlist never has the new songs added.

I can still add YouTube playlists as usual and even singular SoundCloud songs; it seems only the SoundCloud playlist import option isn’t functioning anymore.



I just tested out importing both YouTube/SoundCloud playlists. Nightbot has no problem importing playlists from both services. It will, however, take a little bit longer if the playlist being imported, such as the SC playlist you linked above, is large. What I suggest you do, then, is import the playlist, wait up to 10 seconds, then reload the page (Ctrl+R). The songs from that SC playlist should then show up on your Nightbot playlist.


I understand that it takes time to import, but I’ve tried importing this playlist multiple times on various days without success.

I’ve tried again just now, waiting 10 seconds then reloading the page with Control +R. It still didn’t work.


I tested this using your playlist link and it definitely did import it fine on my test account. Have you tried searching for the tracks in your playlist after adding it?


Hmm, that’s odd.
Yes, I’ve noticed the total number of songs not increase and have searched for songs to make sure, without finding them.

I’ll upload a playlist numerous times as I add new songs to them, so some of the songs at the beginning of the playlist will show up, but the new ones at the end aren’t showing up. That’s when I imported a song by itself and found that that still works.

Maybe my playlist is glitched or can you no longer re-import a playlist when its been updated?