Nightbot not importing entire playlist

I made an unlisted playlist on youtube with 95 songs on it. They are all video games songs to avoid copyright. When I attempted to import the playlist to nightbot on two separate occasions, only 62 of them import. I then tried to add the songs that didn’t get imported in the playlist, so far I have tried 5 of them, and they all worked. Is there is certain reason why they don’t get imported with the playlist. And is there an easier way for me to add the songs rather than just manually adding them one by one?

Can you provide a link to one of the videos that didn’t get imported? Or perhaps the playlist link itself. It’ll give us better info to see what’s exactly happening.

I’m trying to include the link to my playlist, but I keep getting the error “Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.”

I will make the playlist public on my channel, it’s called “Stream music”. My channel name is “Hawker”, you can find it easily by typing in “hawker ktane”. All the songs after “Zelda’s Theme” are some of the ones that didn’t get added

I don’t know why you does not simply post the link, so I will do:
YouTube playlist Stream music

Like I said in my previous post, when I attempted to paste the link, the forums denied it and gave me the message “Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts”.

But thank you for posting it for me.

After importing the playlist imported 91 of the 93 songs. One of which that didn’t make it was

Which due to it being 16 minutes was over the 10 minute maximum. I assume there’s another song that can’t be imported for the same reason.

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