Nightbot not giving proper poll results

I had a poll in my channel but and after voting i checked the results and it showed 0 votes, what do I do to fix this issue ? Thanks

Hey @Raina!

What did you use for the poll?

firstly sorry for replying late, I used straw poll to make the poll, I am a moderator and I typed !poll new the question | yes | no | maybe, it showed that the poll has been registered and I could vote but it didn’t show the results when I typed !poll results, I mean it did but is showed 0 votes ( i am sure that I submitted it )

Right… it’s possible StrawPoll’s API failed when you requested the results, or that no one voted…
In case it happens again, you can always look at the results on the website.

It worked fine for me:

i had checked the web but it was wrong there too, thanks for yr help and merry Christmas

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