Nightbot not allowing MOD eligibilty for giveaways on Youtube

I have made several attempts to allow mod eligibilty for giveaways… On the giveaway tab I click on the mod box, it highlights blue then goes to the blue outline. However, once I go to another tab and come back… the mod box is unselected again. (The other 3 catagories are working just fine.)

Has the mod eligibility been removed from nightbot? If not, how do I get it to stick?

The giveaways page settings only last while you’re using it. The giveaway page must be open and configured while you’re trying to run a giveaway from the page.

When/why was this changed?.. it used to default to all 4… we never had to keep it up and select MODS everytime we were doing a GAW.

You might be mistaken, as that was never the default. The giveaways page has actually remained in a constant state for the better part of around a year.

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