Nightbot muted someone, how do I unmute users on Youtube?

okay so I stream on Youtube and someone accidentally got timeout by Nightbot for 24 hours long or something, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to unmute them, I know there’s an unmute command for Twitch and stuff but idk about Youtube, I tried stuff I found online but those seems to only be focusing on Twitch (the user tried to type my channel name in caps multiple times in chats, they forgot that my channel name in caps was in the filter list and the reason being is due to this spammer problem I had with someone but I won’t get deep into that detail)

Hey @Pain_alt!

A few people had that issue before as well, this is something you’ll have to take with YouTube because it seems there’s no way to unmute people, once they’re muted it’s for the entire duration.

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