Nightbot modifying URL string

Hi guys,

I am racking my brains over trying to figure this out.
Basically long story short, I want Nightbot to react to a command and modify a string stored somewhere that I can reference it via a web browser input via OBS Studios.

So as an example, I want to have Nightbot react to a command like !url “name here” and I want it to modify a string (thats a URL). So lets say the current string is and someone calls a command by Nightbot using !url name. I want the URL to change to

Any ideas?

@luftfolie It’s bit confusing, what you actually want. Anyways, try this,

!addcom -cd=5 !url $(eval x=`$(querystring)`; `` + x)

Example usage:

Ritik: !url

Ritik: !url nightbot

Ritik: !url ritik ranjan


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