Nightbot login screen issues

when i launch the nightbot shortcut from desktop or the nightbot.exe from the install folder it just launches an white window and does nothing … i saw in tutorial videos that a login screen for nightbot should pop up but it doesnt for me .

It sounds like something may be interfering with nightbot’s connection to the site. Have you tried running it as admin or turning off any antivirus software that may limit programs access?

turned off antiviruses and launched as admin , same result .

generally those are the main issues people run into. Possibly check your firewall as well though.

From looking at this thread: Nightbot App: Showing blank page it seems there may not be a solution until the next nightbot app version. As there is just something on your computer causing the inability to connect to the site.

What OS are you running? I know windows, but 10, 7, etc?

turned windows fire wall and same result , im using windows 7 , if im unable to use the app is there anything u can suggest me something else to use for now to display the current song or is this app the only way ?

Try upgrading to Windows 10 if you want a quicker fix. I don’t think anyone has reported this as an issue on Windows 10.

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