Nightbot keeps banning the work "cockatoo"

So, i like to help a cetrain channel called “Parrot Town” with a lot of stuff, and lately, we were having problems with the nightbot chatbot. Whenever someone types the word “cockatoo” or “cockatiel” in the chat, nightbot deletes their message, mutes them for 5 seconds, and tells them not to swear. Now, Cockatoos and Cockatiels are species of parrots, but the bot mutes them, becuase they have the word “cock” in them. Is there any way to fix this?

edit No, we don’t have the word “cock” banned in the spam protection tab.

Without knowing the channel ID or the list of entries on the blacklist I cannot explain why cockatoo would trigger a timeout, but it is definitely a configuration issue (not a bug with Nightbot).


this is the list of banned words

Can you provide the channel ID? it is UCVtdo4OmU52nCGX9NcOesAw

I checked the logs and Nightbot has only performed 4 moderation actions in the past 2 weeks on this channel, two for symbols and two for emojis.

Yeh, we were testing if it’s working. And yet, i dunno why, it keeps deleting 'em.

The channel as emote spam protection enabled, so when a user posts too many emotes it will delete the message.

yeh, i know, that works as intended. Maybe it’s just YT topchat?

You’ve stated that Nightbot is removing messages, but I refuted that claim when I checked the logs showing only 4 actions were taken in the past 2 weeks, none of which involve the words you suggest. Unless you have more information or logs showing otherwise I’m not sure there’s much more I can do at this time to help with debugging.

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