Nightbot its not working

The bot was running as usual, but one day it didn’t work anymore. I pulled the mod from it, pulled it from the channel, then brought it back and it didn’t work. I looked at Nightbot Troubleshooting, but it didn’t work either. And when I say nothing works, I mean it’s an offline bot, it doesn’t respond to messages, and I can’t see the logs or commands on dashboard

Hey @megodfather!

It looks like you don’t have an account on Nightbot, the following address should lead to your commands list, yet we land on a 404:

If going to Nightbot’s dashboard automatically logs you in, please log out (click on your profile pic in the top right corner), then go to your Twitch connections, scroll down, find Nightbot and disconnect it, then relog into Nightbot to recreate an account.

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