Nightbot Issues Timers/Commands

I have been having some issues with Nightbot since I started streaming.

For one, my timers don’t appear in my chat feed. I have 2 timers currently. One to alert viewers to subscribe which is set at 30 minute intervals and a 2 line chat requirement. The other timer for donations is set for 45 minute intervals and a 5 line chat requirement. Sometimes the subscribe timer will go off, but I have yet to see the donation timer go off no matter what I set the requirements for.

At first, I thought it was because of the streamlab link that my donation timer wouldn’t appear, but I have seen other streamers on Youtube get it to go through using Nightbot as well.

Same happens with my custom demands. My tweet command will go through fine, but once again; if someone types my donation command, no response.

Any help?

The chat line requirement is a calculation of chat lines posted to chat within the 5 minutes prior to the timer executing (not the entire interval). This is so that Nightbot doesn’t post timers in inactive chats.

I’ve had streams that will have plenty of action, and still Nightbot will not post my donation advertisement.

Which is what confuses me. =/

If it is only your donation command/timer which is not working, perhaps it is too long of a message to be posted. Try a shorter message (under 200 characters).

I will try shortening it. Will see if that works tonight, thanks.

That seemed to have work. I set the message much shorter and it went through. Command as well.

Thanks for the help

Should think about adding that to the edit menu. I was going nuts wondering why my timer wasn’t working.

The max line length is tuned for Twitch right now, not YouTube. We have not yet added a different line length check for YouTube.

Lol, well - let’s be honest. The issue is between the keyboard and chair. It totally slipped my mind that youtube’s limit was 200 characters.

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