Nightbot Isnt Working

Nightbot is not working, i can go to song request and hear my music in my stream but nightbot doesnt do my timed message every 15mins and it doesnt not take any commands. Nightbot is modded is unbanned and unignored all the commands are the same as when i started using it. no matter what i type it doesnt work. vivbot tries to work but i see her try then so im assuming nightbot is there blocking her but not doing anything else but that and allowing music to be streamed its very frustrating because people ask me to add music so i do but now no one including myself can change it (aside from me doing it manually) without the stream being interupted . i was liking it better than vivbot but i guess ill go back to only using viv. i saw it was down but apparently fixed which unfortunately its not for me.

Nightbot was down yesterday due to Twitch’s chat problem. It was resolved and Nightbot should be working fine as of 24 hours ago.

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