Nightbot isn't working on streams/premieres. Troubleshooting steps did not work

Before you ignore this, please keep in mind that I have read the troubleshooting steps and none of them apply to me or I have already tried them.

Nightbot is a channel moderator, however the bot does not appear in my live premieres or respond to any command. I have also tried making the bot leave and join my channel again to no avail. In my livestreams, I was able to get the bot to join for one, but only certain commands would work.

I am looking for help on how to make all commands work, as well as get Nightbot to be present at and respond to commands in my YouTube premieres and livestreams.

Hey @Drewlord!

Nightbot doesn’t work with premieres as Youtube doesn’t identify them as live streams.

For your issues regarding commands not working during your live streams, it’d be good if we had more details about which commands aren’t working, because if the faulty ones are default commands, it’s possible you have to enable them.

Yes, thank you for your help! I could swear I saw Nightbot in a premiere but it seems I was wrong, thanks for the clarification. The commands that aren’t working are custom commands, some work, others don’t. It seems to be a random pattern of which ones work. Nightbot seemed to almost fully work in another stream, with some commands occasionally not working. However, if I replaced the command it worked totally fine which can be a good method of dealing with it since the command keeps working once it’s been replaced, it seems.

Hmm, that’s odd, maybe the custom commands weren’t properly added? I don’t really know more tbh, I don’t use Nightbot on Youtube and these issues seem to only happen on this platform, which is Youtube’s fault in most cases…

However, I’m glad you found a solution, feel free to reply to this post again if you still experience the issue, you should get an answer from someone who knows more about Nightbot on Youtube at some point.

Also, keep in mind that custom commands on Youtube are limited to 250 characters, or even slightly lower to be correct.

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