Nightbot isn't saying anything in my live stream

hi i had a problem with nightbot not saying any timer messages then started hours later now nightbot isnt even saying anything not even commands

Are you using Nightbot on Twitch or YouTube? If on YouTube, what is your channel ID?

Same thing for my Youtube channel, nothing in two days on my stream

my channel is called gareth’s unboxings it worked for like 5mins yesterday then he was gone again

I have checked the logs and it is in your channel as normal, so I am not sure what you mean.

this is a recurring problem for the last two days. it worked fine for the past few weeks and in the last two days no matter what you do (unpair, pair, remove mod, add again) it works from 5-20 minutes and then stops dead. I can rejoin him again and then he spits out all the messages he didn’t before. i know how to use it so that’s out of question, it’s just stopped working and i am not the only one having this problem clearly. channel // nightbot User ID: 57963c9b47b5179670c17a8e // If you check NOW he’s working right. But in about 15 minutes he’s gonna go silent again, unresponsive to command and not delivering timers.

Pretty much the same thing here.
It’s not my channel, but I’m a mod. But nightbot stops saying things after about 40-45min, after that I need to let him leave and rejoin again so that he can work again for the next 40-45min.
User ID: 57ee5d8d807dbc522c962ecc

This also started accuring like 2 days ago and from time to time nightbot also reacts really slow to commands

its not in my channel as normal not once yester and today it said a work for the past 4 days nothing but problems first it wouldnt says any timer messaging them very late into the night that day it starting working then the next day it said nothing not even a command then working for like 30 mins then stopped again yesterday didnt say nothing again and now its 4.26am today and no work it said so it cant be in my channel as normal if its not saying nothing

No messages from bot chatting. Youtube: UCdK-SBGzSwDkJoYHQp8FzFw

I added some metrics to better track what is causing these issues today. For that reason, there were a lot of rolling restarts today, which means that Nightbot may have been missing for 5 minutes sporadically.

With that said, it seems there is some strange cases where Nightbot can fail polling a channel due to YouTube serving an error, and then part the channel due to it thinking the channel is unavailable (polling is costly, so we leave channels which are constantly erroring).

For @Victor_Kuznetsov, @nourish, and @Jodeb, this can be verified in logs:

Parted liveChat Chillhop Music:UCOxqgCwgOqC2lMqC5PYz_Dg:EiEKGFVDT3hxZ0N3Z09xQzJsTXFDNVBZel9EZxIFL2xpdmU no successful polls
Parted liveChat KavaGames:UCdK-SBGzSwDkJoYHQp8FzFw:EiEKGFVDZEstU0JHelN3RGtKb1lIUXA4RnpGdxIFL2xpdmU no successful polls
Parted liveChat nourish.:UC7tdoGx0eQfRJm9Qj6GCs0A:EiEKGFVDN3Rkb0d4MGVRZlJKbTlRajZHQ3MwQRIFL2xpdmU no successful polls

In order to address this, I’ve increased the allotted time for errors to 2 minutes, up from 30 seconds. I will be monitoring to see if this helps, and, if not, then it means that the errors are non-recoverable and the issue sounds like it’s on YouTube’s side.

Another interesting bit is that it takes Nightbot longer to process polls the longer it is online. I’m not sure why this is, but I presume it’s due to channels not being marked offline by YouTube, so Nightbot will not leave them after they become inactive. We used to rely on the channels polling to remove chats, but YouTube’s polling API for that would randomly mark channels offline and then online again (false positives). Unfortunately a lot of Nightbot’s stability issues on YouTube are a direct result of the difficulty of dealing with their API. I’ve been asking them for WebSocket support for over a year. As Nightbot gains more users, it will only become more unstable since polling is not an efficient means of receiving chat messages.

Here’s a graph of the polling times for chats over time:

The steep drop is a reboot of the process to change the polling timeout to 2 minutes, as noted above.


i part with channel on nightbot then rejoined and it worked for 5-10mins then stopped again

Hi night, for what it’s worth I’m having the same issue on my 24/7/365 YouTube Live stream. It’s a good test bed since it’s always up (140 days and counting). I use nightbot to handle screen changes in the stream among other things. It’s rather essential to how users interact with the stream.

You can see it here:

I am seeing the same issue as reported above. Nightbot stops responding and I have to unjoin/rejoin.

For what it’s worth, I think something major changed on YouTube’s side recently. I have had a variety of strange issues over the last two weeks.

If it stops working 5 minutes after joining it then it’s probably because your stream is offline. Nightbot won’t stick around in offline channels because it’s expensive.

Edit: I take that back. I found the issue, and this should be fixed. Essentially it was reading messages, but unable to respond due to an access token not being properly refreshed.

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