NightBot IF Command Multiple WAYS

I want to get help !
My command idea :
IF is lower or higher than then say

So Its a stupid one but it will be a good example

command name = !tall
command = if (user) (height<random number between 0-200) > 65 , then say , if < 85

How many responses do you want? And more specifically what ranges do to want the numbers to be.
How do you want to get the height you could use the users ID with modulus math option to calculate is one option if you want it to stay consistent. Also what do you want it to say if it’s not lower or higher but equal? Answer all of this please.

Height was just an example.
I Want 6 responses if possible , and the ranges is (lower or equal with 3) , (higher than 3 but lower than 6) (higher than 6 but lower then 9) (higher than 9 but lower than 12) (higher than 12 but lower than 15) (higher than 15)
Is it possible that each of every range gets an “answer”? F.e : if number lower or equal with 3 say “message”

Ok imma fill in the gaps I’m assuming based on the numbers you picked he random number would be 1-18 feel free to change this:

$(eval a=Math.floor(Math.random()*18);a<3?"Response1":a<6?"Response2":a<9?"Response3":a<12?"Response4":a<15?"Response5":"Response6")

Response1-5 should be self explanatory enough.
Response6 is any number over 15.

Note:This may look wrong if you have coding experience but due to the way nightbot evaluates multiple responses that are true this allows the code to be much simpler and also evaluate correctly.

Its work , but one more thing , I want to get the the number in the response, how can I do that?
So lets say the number is 13 and I want a response that : ˙$(user) has a size of , what a joke.



Wherever you want the number to show in the response.

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