Nightbot Help Doc's Confusing Information

While talking to my friend about adding Nightbot to his channel was trying to read the “help doc” here:

I was watching him in chat try to request songs typing “!songs request (song link)” and I was confused why he was trying to request songs that way.

He linked me the document above and I noticed this line:

!songs request Youtube or SoundCloud Link / Search Term

I was able to request a song with the !sr command, which he started using after I showed him, but he was confused because of the above line in your help docs. Does !songs request (link) work? If so what is the Document trying to explain here? Maybe it just needs to be updated.


!sr is a global alias to the !songs request command, so they are exactly the same.

The document is explaining you can link any Youtube video or search term to request a song.

For example all of these commands are the exact same:

!songs request
!songs request R U Mine?
!sr R U Mine?

The only part of the doc that I see incorrect is requesting from the video ID. I don’t believe we allow that at this time.

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