Nightbot handling Link Posting with Messages

Hello, I am new to Nightbot. I’ve searched online, but I haven’t found anything regarding my issue.

What I would like to do (or what I want Nightbot to do) is to allow users to post links to their YouTube Channels, but I want Nightbot to handle the posting and have Nightbot say something like "Go check out such and such Channel, followed by their Channel Link.

I’ve seen a few chats using them in the past and thought it was a default thing I could just turn on. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hey @MrChiprocks1!

Check this post:

Thank you for this. So, just to clarify, I copy/paste and drop directly into my chat, but I don’t need to set anything up in Custom Channel commands over on my Nightbot Dashboard?

Yes, just copy/paste the command RokettoJanpu wrote in your chat, and then there should be a message confirming the command is added.

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