Nightbot gifting Sub

so I recently gifted a sub to nightbot so it could use my emotes problem is I gifted it a tier 1 instead of tier 3 is there any way for me to change nightbot to a tier3 or am I SOL

Hey @Mychuckman!

This is a Twitch issue, but to answer your question, you’ll have to wait for the sub to run out and then gift a tier 3, so you have the opportunity to upgrade Nightbot’s sub in a month.
Upgrading gift subs is something Twitch is thinking about, but they haven’t released anything yet.

so every month i have to regift a sub to nightbot?

This is how Twitch works, yes!
That’s why most people only gift a tier 1 to Nightbot as long as they’re not Partenered, because then they have access to Lifetime Subscriptions.
Twitch is also looking for an option to renew gift subs automatically for people who gift subs to the same people every months, but they haven’t released anything yet either.

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