Nightbot don't work on Trovo. Again

Nightbot don’t work on Trovo. Again, 2nd day.

And in dashboard i see this:


Hey @grimuars!

Please use the search bar before opening a topic that’s already been answered many times:

Since the creation of the topic you mentioned, the bot has restored work. And then it stopped working again, plus the error shown in the screenshot appeared. A new problem is a new topic, isn’t it? If not, I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

My bad, you’re probably right, it’s possible it’s not linked to the authorization, and therefore it would be another type of issue, worth of opening a new topic. I was misled by your title.

Unfortunately, the only thing I can offer is to wait patiently for the dev to look into it when possible, and I can’t give you a time frame, sorry.

It’s ok. Nightbot is the only bot for Trovo that can use some of the variables I need. So it’s very uncomfortable without it.

We are waiting for a solution :slight_smile:

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